All the folks and resources that helped make this game a thing.

Many thanks to Dr. Julia Douthwaite, whose 2018 exhibit "Money Worries" at Notre Dame's Snite Museum was the impetus for the development of this serious game. My deep thanks to the domain experts, below, with whom I worked to develop the learning objectives and game content.

photo of Cheri Smith
Cheri Smith

Psychology Librarian
Hesburgh Libraries
University of Notre Dame

Photo of Connie Mick
Connie Mick

Director, Academic Affairs
Center for Social Concerns
University of Notre Dame

Photo of Sianne Vijay
Sianne Vijay

Assistant Professor, Business Administration Economics
Saint Mary's College

Photo of Ari Farshbaf
Ari Farshbaf

Assistant Professor, Business Administration Economics
Saint Mary's College

Non-affiliation Disclaimer

the social justice board game is in no way affiliated, associated, authorized, sponsored by, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with hasbro, inc., any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates, or with any of the monopoly trademarks. the social justice game represents an educational parody * of the monopoly game and more generally of capitalism.

* A parody is a form of protected speech under the First Amendment. As used here specifically, parody is a form of social commentary.

Project Resources

The following resources are used by permission. The BY-NC-SA 4.0 International license for this project does not contradict or supercede any licenses for the followng resources:

Resources Links
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Freepik Icons White City Buildings
Freepik Icons
(Courtesy of Flaticon)
Calendar, Chip, Stopwatch, Mansion, Pipe Wrench, Jewels, Keyboard, Summer (shirt), Suit, Uniform, Spatula, Castle, Syringe, Handcuffs, Mortarboard, Medal, Calculating, Drop, Light Bulb, Gift, Settings (Tools), Piggybank, Jail, Wheelchair, Briefcase, Balance, Lottery, Sketch, Limousine, Switch, Megaphone, Script, Student, Monitor, Loupe, Angry-man, Award, Youtube-logotype, Painting, Gift, Crown, Cat-face, Browser, Piggybank, Transport, Handcuffs
Smashicons Icons
(Courtesy of Flaticon)
Office Chair, Tennis shoe, Business Chart, Game Controller, User, Paper-plane, Hourglass, Map, Network, Wallet
Miscellaneous Icons
(Courtesy of Flaticon)
Right arrow (Darius Dan) Shopping-bag (Darius Dan), Polo Shirt (dinosoft labs), Brain (dinosoft labs), Fast-food (Eucalyp), Police (Eucalyp), Chess-piece (Good Ware), Capitol (Vitaly Gorbachev), Feeder (Kiranhastry), Receipt (mynamepong), Bank (Nhor Phai), Sheriff (Nikita Golubev), Newspaper (Pixel Buddha), Graph (Pause08), Chart (Pause08), DJ (Pixel Perfect), Application (Smartline), Twitter (Swifticons), Certificate (Turrkub), Medical-history (Zlatko Najdenovski), Calculator (Zlatko Najdenovski), Mortarboard (Zlatko Najdenovski), Pirate (Zlatko Najdenovski), Briefcase (Round Icons), Stethoscope